Basic Maintenance

Please Click links for Wiki Articles about each repair:

Standard Oil Changes & Filter Replacement. We offer both conventional and synthetic Oil, and are happy to provide free, environmentally conscious recycling. Click here to read about the differences between Standard and Synthetics.

Conventional Lubricants are Penzoil
Synthetic Lubricants are Pentosin synthetics

Brake service and repair – For brake service we maintain a large inventory of brake parts and we have an Accu-Turn lathe for reconditioning brake rotors and flywheels. Please contact us for specific manufacturers. Other brands are available by order.

AC service – While comprehensive Automotive HVAC diagnosis and repair is offered, we also offer the basics such as fluid replenishment and replacement. Auto-Teknika is one of the few shops that has a limited supply of the older R12 style. Please see the links below to determine if your car takes R12 or the newer R134A.

R12 Information – Typically on cars older than 1994
R134A Information – Typically on cars newer than 1994
Please keep in mind that R12 is more expensive, and for that reason we offer a Full Conversion service to adapt your older cars R12 systems to the more abundant R134A.

Annual Virginia State Inspection – Click here to see the requirements to pass a VA State Inspection.

Exhaust system repairs – Everything from Emissions Diagnostics to entire replacements.

Lighting and other safety equipment – We can bring your car up to spec regarding any required safety equipment. We also have a state-of-the-art Headlight alignment system to ensure you’re not left in the dark when you most need it.

Tires – We stock Yokohama and Sumitomo tires, but can order others. Tires are installed with a non-contact tire changer to avoid damaging alloy wheels and we use Snap-On tire balancing equipment.

We have a large in-house parts department with a computerized inventory linked to our service database. If you require a special part, please don’t hesitate to ask us to order it for you.

Specialized Service

Major/minor engine repairs of all types.

Major/minor transmission repairs (Manual & Automatic)

Timings belts and chains (Click for Wiki)

Cylinder head repairs/replacements (Click for Wiki)

All suspension work including:

Ball joints
Control arms
Steering racks and links
Sub frame mounts and bushings

Major AC and heating repairs including:

Heater Cores
Climate Control System (electronic/hydraulic/mechanical)

Electronics – From major to minor (including comprehensive computer diagnostics). Please see our specific manufacturers for a listing of our diagnostic systems per make.

Performance and Tuning

If you’re a true car enthusiast, and not just here for standard maintenance, we want to cater to you as well! These are some of our special services for those that truly value their cars.

Performance Mods
Full Mechanical restorations/resurrections
Chassis mods.
Power Train swaps (all elements)
If you can dream it, we can most likely do it. Feel free to contact us if you have some questions.
Please keep in mind that specialty jobs will take longer than a standard repair. All of the above offered on Time & Materials basis for enthusiasts not in a hurry.