Auto Teknika has broad experience with VW/Audi products. Some of our associates originally worked on the old air cooled Beetle although the shop no longer does. What we do work on is all the various platforms these closely linked companies produce, from the austere Rabbits and Jettas of the eighties to the more complex all wheel drive high performance models increasingly popular in the last decade. One of our long term specialties is all of their Diesel models, Diesel engines being a repair discipline hard to find in the automobile repair business.

We do many timing belt jobs on all models needing this service and folks are encouraged to call us when the replacement interval approaches. Replacing the timing belt is the most important of all maintenance tasks and ignoring this can have dire consequences (the engine is effectively ruined if the belt breaks).

We are able to perform all manner of electronic diagnostic, programming, and coding work. We are also able to change basic settings to eliminate or add certain features (an example is the automatic door locks. Settings can be changed so they don’t lock the door as soon as you start moving. Some people hate that feature).
We maintain a large service parts inventory and are able to do most service and repairs in a timely fashion without long waits for parts.

Diagnostics equipment: