Mercedes Benz, as the creator of the modern Automobile, has maintained a tradition of building the highest quality of cars for over one hundred years. While being the lead innovator in the Auto industry with regards to safety, performance and style, Mercedes has always been the benchmark by which other manufacturers measure their accomplishments. However, Mercedes’ mechanical and electronic sophistication comes at the cost of considerable complexity. Due to the technical expertise and large investment required in purchasing, training on and maintenance of their unique tools and diagnostic systems, many Independent repair facilities are priced out of providing service.

Auto-Teknika uses Mercedes Dealer Standard diagnostic equipment and can handle the newer software driven systems involving, but not limited to components which must be programmed and coded to work with individual models. . We can perform SCN coding as used in the last 10 years, including the new 7 speed electronic controlled transmissions. We also own a wide array of special tools for mechanical repairs which give us broad capabilities to perform any repairs normally available only through dealerships. We also have broad experience with all Mercedes Diesel cars, from the early mechanical Diesel injection systems of the seventies and eighties, through the advanced electronically controlled injection systems used in the CDI and Bluetec models of recent years. No disrespect to the excellent dealer network is implied here; we are just available as a fully capable alternative for those who prefer the independent shops.

Mercedes Diagnostic equipment:
Star Diagnosis System (DAS or SDS) with workshop information system (WIS)
X431-Infinite, for the easy scans..

If you have any questions regarding our ability to perform your service, please do not hesitate to contact Auto-Teknika at 434-971-5715 .